Testing Instruments for Various Testing Commissioning Services

1. 3 phase Power System Simulator, Make Doble, Type: F6150. Quantity: 3 Nos.

Power System Simulator uses a signal processing power amplifier to simulate the operation of protective relays for various testing applications. This Power System Simulator can check protection systems and verifies protection settings by simulating system events.

This Power System Simulator tests all the protective relays covered under IEEE device Nos. This Power System Simulator is supported by a versatile and automatic protection software F6 Test.

Power System Simulator

The F6000 Control Panel software is for quick manual style interactive testing. This Simulator can also be used for calibration/testing of transducers and metering applications, including the 0.2 class standard metering system.

2. ISA Make: T3000 : Sub-station Test System : Quantity 3 Nos.

This is a sub-station Maintenance and Commissioning test equipment. It’s a Multi-Function system for testing substation equipment such as,

  • Current Transformers,
  • Voltage and Power Transformers,
  • Protection Relays,
  • T3000 can carry out testing operations during the commissioning and maintenance of substations.
  • It tests relays of all types (voltage, current/power, frequency and df/dt) and current and voltage transformers.
  • T3000 has a powerful multi-meter and phase angle meter with oscilloscope functions.

Sub-station Test System

3. Digital Low Resistance Micro – Ohm Meter: Quantity: 6 Nos.

This unit is designed on the principle of Kelvin’s bridge method.

This unit has a high accuracy of 0.1%. It is used to measure the winding resistance of Alternator, Transformer, H. T. Motor, Current Transformer secondary winding, circuit breaker’s power contact resistance, etc.

This unit gives fast and stable readings for High Power (300 MVA), High voltage or high current transformers. It is suitable for Live Switchyard. Direct readout feature of resistance on 4 ½ digit LCD with backlight is available. It is protected against inductive load surges and works on 230 V AC mains. It has high stability, high voltage compliance and an extremely low ripple source.

4. Digital Time Interval Meter: Quantity: 3 Nos.

This instrument is very useful to check the circuit breaker pole discrepancy and faulty operating mechanism. This is a digital display time interval meter with an accuracy of 0.1% and measurement from 1 mSec to 999.9 mSec.

Time Interval Meter

5. Accessories :

The following testing accessories are used along with the major testing equipments.

  • 500V/1000V/2500V/5000V/10000V/12000V Digital Megger :
    These meggers are used for testing, I.R. value, polarization index and step voltage test of HT equipment. This instrument gives a direct value of polarization index.
  • Three point method digital earth resistance testing kit.
  • AC Ampere Leakage Current Meter :
    This is a sensitive meter capable of measuring currents as low as 2 mA.
  • Three Phase Variac :
    This instrument provides a three phase continuously variable voltage supply from 0-470V, 10 Amp.
  • Precision Class AC Ammeters.
  • Digital Multimeters of very high accuracy (Make : Fluke, Type :Fluke 175).

6. Live Phasing Rod up to 33 kV: 2 Set

A set of live phasing rods to identify the phasing out between the two supplies. The range of the phasing rods is from 2kV to 33kV.

7. Three-Phase Power Quality Analyser: Quantity: 1 No
Model No. Fluke 435 – II Advance.

This measuring instrument was designed and manufactured by Fluke. This instrument can measure and record parameters continuously for 7 days. Instrument measures following parameters,

  • Voltage, Current & Power Harmonic Measurement from 1st to 51st& Total Harmonic distortion (THD)
  • K factor
  • C factor (Crest factor)
  • True RMS Values for Voltage & current
  • Recording of Voltage Sags & Swells
  • Recording of Watts, VA, VAR, PF, DPF, Frequency etc.
  • Recording of Inrush current of Transformer, Induction motor etc., from 1 minute to 45 minutes
  • Recording of Transients in the electrical system due to switching (or) faults.
  • All other parameter recordings can be from 1 hour upto 1 year.
  • Recording of unbalanced current and voltage
  • Recording of Losses through Energy loss calculator.
  • Flicker Measurement.