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Wisdom is Not Virtue but Necessity

With the globalization of the Indian economy, the industries have to fight it out in the highly competitive global marketplace. Only the fittest and finest will survive. Those who deliver state-of-the-art products made with state-of-the-art technologies will successfully exist. But in this highly volatile environment, the one thing that remains unchanged is the requirement of highly trained and skilled competent manpower.
Companies that invest in training their manpower will challenge the established players more effectively.
The Power Engineering courses offered by Power Linkers are for plant engineers and are intended to pierce to a depth in all technical subjects. These courses are intended to develop the skills required to understand and appreciate the power industry’s design criteria, operational problems, and solutions.
Thus, Power Linker Group Engineers, in continuation of their focus area of business, presents “Power Engineering Courses” on various subjects. During the execution of various Design Engineering, Power System Study Projects and Field Engineering Job Execution, considerable clarity and practical job knowledge on engineering subjects are acquired. It was thought by Power Linker that why not share this crystal clear knowledge with the engineering fraternity. Considering this, the Professional Power Engineering Courses are created.
“Power Linker Group Engineers” have specific experience in conducting specialized courses in the field of Power Engineering since June 1999. The courses are based on Sound Field Engineering practices and backed by relevant theories and principles. PL has conducted many Open House and In-plant courses in the recent past.
To reap the full benefit, of course, Power Linker (PL) recommends that all electrical department heads, sectional managers, team leaders, project leaders & engineers who are responsible or involved in the field of operation – maintenance, troubleshooting, improving reliability/availability of the electrical system, project design engineering, erection, EPC contractors working for diverse industries should undertake this courses. The programme does not assume previous knowledge of the subject.
Each sub-module can be purchased for a retention period of
3 months or 6 months or 12 Months.
Each sub-module is of 45 min to 60 min duration. Each module is fully secured; hence no further copying or editing will be feasible. Each of these subject modules can be purchased by selecting the choice of subject and filling the form under the ‘Contact us’ column of this website or writing to Power Linker on Email training@www.powerlinker.org


A specialist in this field delivers these courses.

Mr. H. C. Mehta

Exp. since 1972
M.Tech (IIT-B), FIE, Chartered Engineer, DBM


Mr. Jay Mehta

Exp. since 2004
M.Tech (VJTI, Mumbai).


Mr. H. C. Mehta

Exp. since 1972
M.Tech (IIT-B), FIE, Chartered Engineer, DBM


Dr. K. Rajamani

Exp. since 1975
PHD (IIT-B) Electrical Power System


Mr. Jay Mehta

Exp. since 2004
M.Tech (VJTI, Mumbai).


For further information, please contact : Course Director.


For further information, please contact :

Address :Course Director

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