4 Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC, Oman Carrying out Power System Studies for Shadeed Iron & Steel Plant for SMS Expansion.
The scope of Work is,
1) Electrical System Modeling and submit relevant Key Single Line Diagram.
2) Carrying out Short circuit Studies for,
i. 3 Phase fault current.
ii. 2 Phase fault current (Without ground).
iii. 2 Phase fault current (With ground).
iv. Single phase to ground faults.
v. Peak fault current.
3) Working out Relay setting and Relay co-ordination for,
i. Phase over current relay and
ii. Earth fault over current relay.
4) Working out Unit protection settings for,
i. Transformers and
ii. HT motors.
5) The Electrical system consist of,
i. Grid Supply from OETC (Oman Electricity Transmission Company) at 220kV voltage level.
ii. The electrical system considered under scope includes following substations,
II. DRI Plant.
IV. RO Plant.
V. Air Separation Plant.
VI. SMS and auxiliaries.
VII. CCM and auxiliaries.
VIII. Rolling Mill.
3 Grasim Industries Limited, Vilayat Gujarat Carrying out Power System Studies for Grasim’s Electrical System The Scope of Work is as follows,
1) Carrying out Network Modelling of Electrical Distribution system.
2) Carry out Short Circuit Studies.
3) Working out Relay Setting and Relay Co-ordination for,
i. Phase Fault Relays and
ii. Earth Fault Relays.
4) Working out unit protection setting for Generators and Transformers.
5) Engineering Grid Islanding (GIS) and Load Shedding Scheme (LSS).
6) Carrying out Transient Stability Study.
7) Working out settings for GIS scheme and its Relay.
8) Engineering scheme for,
i. MW based LSS.
ii. Under Frequency based LSS.
iii. Governor and AVR mode changeover scheme.
2 Action ISPAT & Power (P) Ltd. Jharsuguda Carrying out Power System Studies for Action’s Electrical System.
The Scope of Work is as follows,
1) For Overall Differential Protection + Generator Differential Protection.
Carry out following activities,
i. Work out Short Circuit contribution of Generator and Generator Transformer.
ii. Work out settings for both the differential protection for its individual parameters.
iii. Modify the configuration of Differential protection and its Settings in soft for uploading in relay.
iv. Engineering of Grid Islanding Scheme: This study shall include,
I. Carrying out Transient Stability Study with background load flow study to derive the system stability and system critical clearance time at 132 kV bus & 11 kV bus.
II. Carry out Engineering of Grid Islanding scheme as per the specific logics to identify the disturbance in the public grid for safe islanding of the TG set.
III. Preparing the programmable scheme logic (PSL of relay for the implementation of GIS scheme within the relay).
IV. Working out the Grid Islanding Scheme (GIS) protection unit settings for the different scheme logics based on system modelling and with base of Transient Stability.
2) Working out Relay Setting and Relay Co-ordination of system and equipments. Following are the activities to be carried out
i. Modeling of system under Scope of Work in Power System Analysis Software (ETAP).
ii. Carrying out Short Circuit Studies.
iii. Review of Protection Relay application check.
iv. Working out Relay Settings for Phase and Earth Fault Relays.
v. Working out Unit Protection Settings.
1 PT Punj Lloyd, Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC), Sangatta, Indonesia Consultancy services for carrying Electrical Power System Study for 3 x 18 MW CPP at Sangatta.
Scope of work includes carrying out :
1) Load Flow Study.
2) Short Circuit Study.
3) Motor Starting Analysis.
4) Transient Stability Study.
5) Harmonic Analysis.
6) Relay Setting and Relay Coordination of Power Plant.
7) Grounding Study.
8) Electromagnetic lighting and switching over voltage study for cables and transformers.