11 ACC, Kymore Design Engineering for Tie Feeders Maximum Power Flow. The Scope of work shall include,
a. Review the Switchgear Ratings, including CT Sizing and Cable
Rating for maximum (25MW) power flow through Tie Feeders.
b. Carry out design engineering and work out the technical parameters of existing cable sizes with respect to its current carrying capacity, short circuit capacity and no. of runs.
c. Based on the worked out capacity with existing cables, work out the new cable size, no. of runs and submit the specifications.
10 Chemaf S.P.R.L. DRC., Lubumbashi, Congo Scope of work shall include,
a.) Review of Technical offer and vendor drawings:
i. 220 kV Switchyard bay equipments.
ii. 220 kV Transmission line equipments.
iii. 2 nos. 40 MVA Transformers.
iv. 11 kV MV Switchgear.
v. 11 kV Bus Duct between 40 MVA Transformer and 11 kV MRS Switchgear.
vi. SCADA system .
b.) Review of Detail Engineering Drawings :
i. Equipment layout engineering.
ii. Earthing system which shall include,
1. Earthing grid design.
2. Step and touch potential.
iii. Lightning System Design.
iv. Protection Application Check.
v. Control cable schedules and interconnection diagrams.
vi. SCADA system.
c.) Power and Control Cable Engineering.
d.) Relay Setting and Relay Coordination Study for,
i. 220 kV Switchyard.
ii. 220 kV Transmission Line.
iii. 2 x 50 MVA Transformer.
iv. 2 nos. 11 kV MV Switchgear.
9 ACC, Kymore Engineering of Load shedding Scheme for TG-4 & TG-5 Parallel Operation.
The Scope of work shall include,
a.) Preparation of,
i. Single Line Diagram for Load Shedding Scheme.
ii. Logic diagram for Load Shedding Scheme.
b.) Identification of Hardware required for Load shedding scheme from,
i. Existing ACC’s LSS panel and
ii. ELPRO LSS panel.
c.) Modification in scheme drawing of,
i. Load shedding Panel designed and Commissioned by ACC.
ii. ELPRO make GIS-LSS Panel and
iii. TG – 4 Generator Control and Relay Panel.
d.) Preparation of Interconnection Drawings.
e.) Working out the settings for the Load Shedding Relay, through Transient Stability Studies.
8 ACC, Kymore Design Engineering for BMG Mines System.
The Scope of work shall include,
a.) Preparation of Key Protection Single Line Diagram.
b. ) Review of CT specifications and work out the new CT specification.
c. ) Review of breaker ratings and cable ratings.
d. ) Identification and recommendation of relevant Relay make, type and model number suitable for the protection application.
e.) Modification in AC and DC schematics drawing.
f.) Work out the Relay setting.
7 PT Indorama Synthetics Tbk. Purwakarta, Indonesia Design Engineering Services :
The Scope of work shall include,
a.) I.) Review of AC schematics and CT connection diagrams for,
i. Generator differential protection.
ii. Generator transformer overall differential protection.II.) Work out the summary of final settings to be adopted for both Differential Protections Scheme.
III.) Review test results of CT testing and scheme testing during
b.) Introduction of “37 Low Forward Power Protection Scheme” :
Carry out the pre-engineering for introduction of low forward power protection for Class- B tripping and working out setting.
c.) Engineering of redundant GIS Protection Scheme :
I.)Prepare the Programmable Scheme Logic (PSL) of relay for
the implementation of GIS schemes within the relay.
II.) Work out GIS Setting for redundant scheme logic.
6 ACC, Kymore Phase-I Colony Power Distribution System.
The Scope of work shall include,
a.) Site data collection to obtain the details of Colony distribution system.
b.)Preparation of Single Line Diagram (SLD) for Colony distribution system.
5 IFFCO, Paradeep, Orrisa Up-gradation of Synchronizing facility at 132 kV voltage level for TG-1 & TG-2 with 132 kV Grid.
The Scope of work shall include,
a.) Preparation & submission of SLD for Synchronizing, control and metering system.
b.) Carrying out Basic control engineering.
c.) Submission of purchase specification for Synchronizing panel.
d.) Procurement assistance for synchronizing panel.
e.) Vendor drawing review.
4 ACC, Kymore Engineering of Emergency Lighting System for ACC, Kymore Cement works.The Scope of work shall include,
The Scope of work shall include,
a.) Carry out Basic Design Engineering : This will include,
i.) Preparation of Single Line Diagram for emergency redistribution of Lighting Supply Scheme.
ii.) Identification of New equipments required for Emergency Lighting Supply scheme and submission of BOQ for major equipments.b.) Preparation and submission of Procurement Specifications for,
b.) Preparation and submission of Procurement Specifications for,
i.) 415V Lighting Power Control Centre (LPCC).
ii.) 415V Lighting Distribution Boards (LDB’s).
iii.) Lighting Distribution Transformers.
iv.) Bus duct for Lighting Transformer to LPCC.
v.) New Power and Control cables.
vi. ) Scrutiny of Vendors Technical offer, discussion and correspondence with vendor, carrying out tender analysis and submission of purchase recommendation.
c.) Carry out Detail Design Engineering : This will include,
i. Preparation of protection Single Line Diagram.
ii. Preparation of logic diagram for Auto Transfer Scheme.
iii. Modification in control scheme drawing of existing MRSS switchgear and LC-1 switchgear panels.
iv. Carry out power and control cable sizing.
v. Preparation of power cable and control cable schedule.
vi. Preparation of control cable Interconnection diagram.
vii. Preparation of Layout drawings.
d.) Work out Relay Setting and Relay Co-ordination for system under scope of work.
3 Gujarat Fluoro Chemicals Ltd., Dahej The Scope is divided into 3 phases as per execution milestone. Scope of work shall include,
a. Phase – I :
i. Replacement of old Generation VFD of ID / FD motors,
I. Providing basic Technical Specification.
II. Review of Technical Offers from VFD manufacturer.
ii. Carry out Engineering Modifications for GIS – LSS Scheme.
iii. Re-engineering of GIS Scheme panel, GIS Panel Engineering drawing modification.
v. Deciding and recommending the modes of operating on of STG governors.
vi. Review of Re-distributed System.
b. Phase – II :
i. Reworking of final GIS scheme setting.
ii. Selection of relay, workout of settings for PSEUDO GIS scheme.
c. Phase – III :
i. Engineering for Modification in Power Distribution:- As per proposed 11 kV, Power Re-distribution Scheme of loads. Carry out,
I. Procurement of required new equipments.
II. Schematic drawing modification if any.
ii. Reworking of Relay Setting & Relay Coordination,
The scope include,
I. Remodeling of 66 / 11 kV re-distributed system.
II. Work out revised Short Circuit Study for reconfigured source and outgoing distribution system.
III. Work out revised Relay Setting, Relay Coordination for the re-distributed system.
This will primarily include,
a.) 66 kV distribution.
b.) 11 kV incomer feeders
c.) 11 kV Tie feeders
d.) 11 kV outgoing feeders.
2 ACC, Kymore Protection Upgradation of 11 kV TG-5, GT-2 Switchgear Feeder Panel (P10) to 11 kV ICOG switchgear.
The Scope of work for feeder CB P-10 at TG-5 CPP Bus to ICOG Panel shall be,
a.) Preparation of key protection Single Line Diagram.
b.) Identifying the relevant relay make, type and model number.
c.) Modification in AC and DC schematics drawing.
d.) Working out the Relay setting.
1 IFFCO, Paradeep Orrissa Design engineering for upgradation of Protection scheme of 2 x 55 MW TG-1 and TG-2.
The scope of work shall include,
a.) Basic protection engineering.
b.) Upgradation of protection scheme.
c.) Preparation of purchase specification for protection panel.
d.) Preparation of internal protection logic for REG 670 Generator protection relay.
e.) Procurement assistance for protection panel.
f.) Vendor drawing review.