Power System Studies

The Power System studies are carried out on Electrical Transient Analysis Program (ETAP). We have 5 Nos. Licensed copy of this software. With this software Complex Power System Studies of large Electrical Systems can be carried out. Power Linker is using this software since ETAP has been introduced in India in year 1996.

Following studies are carried out:

  • Load Flow Studies
  • Short Circuit Study
  • Star Device Co-ordination with Auto Evalution
  • Motor Starting and Voltage Dip study
  • Transient / Dynamic Stability study
  • Harmonic Analysis
  • Ground Grid Design
  • Cable ampacity Derating
  • Cable Pulling
  • Transformer Sizing
  • ARC Flash Analysis
  • Parameter Estimation and Torque / Slip Curve
  • Transmission line Sag and Tension Calculations

In addition we carry out the Electro Magnetic Transient DC (EMTDC) studies on PSCAD software.

Following Studies are carried out:

  • HVDC Modelling and Analysis
  • SVC and FACTS Modelling and Analysis.
  • Sub-synchronous Resonances
  • Ferro Resonances
  • Capacitor Switching Transients
  • Insulation Coordination
  • Harmonics Analysis.
  • Temporary Over voltage (TOV)
  • Very fast Transients Over voltage (VFTOV)
  • Power Quality Studies.
  • Transformer Saturation and Inrush
  • Grid Interconnection Studies.
  • Motor Starting.
  • Fast Bus transfer Studies.

We have long list of Power System Study Pojects Carried out by us.

Same can be provided on request. The Request shall be emailed on hcmehta@powerlinker.org.