Power Quality Measurement

Power Linkers carries out Power Quality Measurement with 3 Phase Power Quality Meter.

The measurement is carried out with very high accuracy instrument i.e Class A as per IEC 61000-4-30 std.

The measurement is carried out as per IEEE 519-2014 standard.

  • The problems described below, reflects Poor Power Quality of Electrical System :
    1.     High THD and current Harmonic Content.
    2.     Voltage Sags and Swells.
    3.     Voltage Unbalance / Fluctuations.
    4.     Overheated Transformers and Motors.
    5.     Fuse switch over heating or flashing over.
    6.     PCB or Electronic card or component failure.
    7.     Lighting distribution system Neutral conductor burning out.
    8.     Power measurement errors.
    9.     Additional Power losses.
    10.   High neutral to ground voltages, resulting in failure of power supply units.
  • The Sources of Poor Power Quality / High Harmonics are :
    1.     Saturated Reactors
    2.     Thyristor-controlled motor drives.
    3.     Arc furnaces
    4.     Arc Welders
    5.     Induction furnaces
    6.     Gas-discharge lighting
    7.     Rectifiers
    8.     Electrolysis plants
    9.     Energy conservation devices, e.g. Soft Starters, Electronic Ballast & Fan Regulators
    10.   Equipment with SMPS e.g. TV receivers, PCs
    11.   CVTs
  • Causes :
    1.     Presence of "Harmonics" in Voltage, Current & Power.
    2.     "Sags & "Swells" in Voltage output.
    3.     Inrush current.
    4.     Unbalance Distribution.
  • We support :
    1.     Measurement of Power Quality with Precision 3 phase Power Quality Analyser (Fluke 435-II).
    2.     Analysis of data collected by Power Quality Analyser.
    3.     Carry out Harmonic Filter Design using

    a)   ETAP (Electrical Transient Analyser Programme) &
    b)   ATP (Alternative Transient Programme)

    4.     Assist in Procurement and Commissioning of Harmonic filter equipment.
  • Capabilities of Power Quality Analyser :
    1.     Harmonics (Voltage, Current & Power) from 1st to 51st & Total Harmonic distortion(THD)
    2.     K factor
    3.     C factor (Crest factor)
    4.     True RMS Values for Voltage & current
    5.     Recording of Voltage Sags & Swells
    6.     Recording of Watts, VA, VAR, PF, DPF, & Frequency etc.
    7.     Recording of Inrush current of Transformer, Induction motor etc, from 1 minutes to 45 minutes.
    8.     Recording of Transients in the electrical system due to switching (or) faults.
    9.     All other parameter recordings can be from 1 hour upto 1 year.
    10.   Recording of unbalance current and voltages.
    11.   Recording of Losses through Energy loss calculator.
    12.   Flicker Measurement.

We have long list of Power Quality Measurement job Carried out by us.

Same can be provided on request. The Request shall be emailed on hcmehta@powerlinker.org.